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Those who know my character commend me time and again about how refreshing it is to hear what I'm currently working on, so I figured I should share these endeavors with you.  These projects come in many forms, whether they be through an emotional struggle, character improvement process, travels, job endeavors, or seeking enlightenment in my day-to-day. I equate success to happiness as I continue striving to be my best self (and no, it's not always easy). I try to go with what life is constantly hurtling my way; I am a Libra, after all.

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I had such an incredible animal experience in Varanasi. My partner and I were sitting next to the main burning ghat. Watching those bodies burn. Contemplating impermanence. We started to pet some of the close by street dogs that would just close their eyes in bliss of receiving so much love. Some would lie down and fall asleep as we pet away their stress. More and more dogs started coming up to us to the point where we couldn't possibly [...]

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I have been experiencing quite a lull in my life flow lately. By this, I don’t even know what I mean. Everything. Nothing. Dakine. I deleted my Facebook after returning from India. I can’t explain the way I have felt since getting back from that life journey. When I was there, I secretly looked forward to the day I got to get on my departing flight. Now, after being back, I crave India. I think about it every day and [...]

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