Those who know my character commend me time and again about how refreshing it is to hear what I’m currently working on, so I figured I should share these endeavors with you.  These projects come in many forms, whether they be through an emotional struggle, character improvement process, travels, job endeavors, or seeking enlightenment in my day-to-day. I equate success to happiness as I continue striving to be my best self (and no, it’s not always easy). I try to go with what life is constantly hurtling my way; I am a Libra, after all.

There is magic all around us and I have always enjoyed a slower pace to take in all layers of co-existence. I see faces in everything. I love observing flowers but not as much as I love discovering new leaf textures. I can constantly be found gazing out a window or staring at all the different clouds. Why not share all of this wonder?

I am never afraid to get personal because that depth makes way for healthy growth. The truth is beautiful and actually quite simple (even in its sometimes horrid exposures). Once this truth is found we can choose to either adhere to it or continue to live trying to escape it. In my experience, the longer truth is avoided the harder it will eventually smack you in the face because it will prevail.

Via this blog, I will be posting my daily/weekly ventures and thoughts before they escape into the ether. . .  I have probably six different active writing journals at the moment, so why not establish one for all to see? Writing is my therapy so you will probably get to know my intimate thought processing. There is nothing to hide while trying to make sense of this chaotic, broken, nurturing, and magical world. Once you find yourself open to the universal flow, it can be overwhelming at times with how wonderful it all really is.

            Earth and all life that inhabits it are my weakness and my strength.


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