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Thinking of Thailand

Thailand is breathtaking. I’m not just talking about the countryside, rice fields, and temples, but more about the chaos and beauty of the people.

First off, I want to give major recognition to the females there because they are gorgeous and they are everywhere. Moving on, I’ve never been much of a city person but I loved Bangkok and actually fantasized myself living there. The MRT subway is really fun and clean although everyone is looking at their phones the whole time and very quiet. I feel like whenever I do make eye contact with someone they carry a welcoming warmth to them and they seem genuinely curious about Americans and the English language.

As a native English speaker (and someone who holds an English degree), I take this incredibly difficult language for granted. Many people in Bangkok at least spoke some English, and they will try to start conversations with you- which is super fun! Our first few hours after getting off the plane, my boyfriend and I found ourselves wandering through what we believe to be China Town around midnight trying to find some vegan food (it was a hunt).

After finally finding a place to eat, this beautiful Thai woman practically sits on me as she tried to wiggle into our booth and talk to us. She was asking us if she should get her daughter a U.S visa/passport because she was deeply considering sending her to live with her American father although something like that is never an easy decision. She wanted to give her opportunity. This stranger was opening up to us about her very personal life (almost crying a few times) as the streets raged on right behind us.

As we walked into elevators with other foreigners, they try to talk to us. We walk down the street and shop owners want to have conversations. Servers at restaurants in very small towns want pictures as well as their local police. Tuktuk drivers try to yell their broken English over the speeding motors and traffic just to ask about us and our trip. The people here are very friendly and I love that they do a slight bow when they thank each other – it has already become a habit!

We walked into a monkey temple in Lopburi to collect ourselves and eat before leaving to Chiang Mai. One of the temple keepers came hobbling up to us with the biggest smile muttering in his broken English that he would protect us from the monkeys while we ate. You could tell he truly loved his work because all he talked about was the silliness of the monkeys as he continuously shooed them away from us.
I should have taken his picture…

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