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Love life through all of the hardships and laughs. My journey narrated before you through an intimate peek into my brain. You can read about my struggles to stay afloat as I balance a demanding yet promising first-time “career” job while maintaining a relationship with my partner and my own self. I live in a tropical paradise and need to make more time to get out and explore it more. It is easy to get stuck in a daily routine- even on an island.

I will be writing out many of my inner battles as I confront my past, present, and future. It may not seem like it during the process, but I know I will come out victorious. While I have my own demons to face, I know first-hand how everyone comes from different backgrounds; some more severe than others. However, I do believe that everyone has their own traumas to whatever degree they may be and everyone has the right to talk about their challenges and grow from them. I have worked through many of mine although being in a relationship has brought several more of the deeper problems to the surface and it has been an all new two-year battle.

Most of my writings will be in first person since they are my genuine thoughts flowing out of me in the moment (as much as I dislike overusing the word ). They are here to be shared with you, and maybe you can find strength from my challenges.

The only person you can truly fail is yourself.

all pictures on this blog are mine unless I state otherwise